Shopping For Arms

by Dennis Miller |

After strolling around the store for nearly an hour, James still couldn’t decide. There were too many to choose from, and besides, he liked the one he already had.

“What about this one?” Jody asked and pointed. “Why don’t you try it on? Maybe you’ll like it.”

James stood looking at the one Jody pointed at, it was a shiny black. James rubbed his arm, thinking. With a frown, James turned to Jody, nodding. “Fine,” he answered, “I’ll try it on if it’ll make you happy.”

When the sales clerk disappeared into the back, Jody hovered over James. “I know you like the one you have now, but it’s getting rusty.”

The clerk reappeared with a box. And James watched as the clerk opened up the box, twisting and pulling. “Move a little and see how it feels,” the clerk said.

It was amazing. It wasn’t as heavy as the one he had. James could barely feel the thing dangling from his shoulder. And this one had no delays, unlike his. This bionic arm’s movements were as fast as his thoughts. James hid his smile. “Well, if I have to choose I guess I’ll choose this one.”

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