True Love?

by Kayla Bush |

“Tell me what the future holds for us.” Asked Linda.

With cringed brows, the fortuneteller read the lines on the couples’ palms. Then, she stared into Linda’s eyes. “Do you love this man enough to die for him?”

For a second, Linda pondered upon the question. “Yes, I do. I love him with all my heart.”

“Well,” the fortuneteller sighed, “you’ll soon die for him.”

“What?” Asked Linda, confused.

“In his palm, I see a fate wherein his true love will die for him.”

As they left, Chris turned to Linda. “What a load of nonsense. Don’t worry, you’ll live to be ninety.”

Everything went well on the day of the wedding, until after Linda and Chris had exchanged their vows.

When the chandelier dangling above them fell, the best man was quick enough to push Chris out of the way, but not quick enough to escape his own death.

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