A Poor Student

When I was young I was a poor student, so I was 32 before I got my degree. After I’d realised that the working world is horrible for a person with no qualifications I went and got myself a mediocre degree in computer science from a mediocre university.

I used my mediocre degree to get an entry level job as a data scientist, this was 2017, when data science was just becoming mainstream. I worked in spreadsheets mostly, and I loved automation, so I taught myself to code a little. Soon I was learning machine learning in my own time and when the chance came up 4 years later, I applied for a low level machine learning programming job. 4 years later than that I’d learned enough to be a passable coder, and my company started working on small AI projects for medical research companies. Over the next ten years, as technology improved and we tried to stay near the state of the art, we helped to design a drug which could extend the human lifespan by ten years or so. As a member of the development team I was offered discounted access to the drug, which I took advantage of. Over the next 40 years I continued to work on life extension research, using AI to speed the research process up exponentially. I took the drugs we were creating regularly, so when I was 70, I still looked like I was 30. By this time people were living longer lifespans, staying young for 100 to 120 years.

In 2060 I was lucky enough to be on the team that created the first self sustaining AI. All the others we had created were black boxes – we gave them input and they reacted. This one was different. It was designed to self-direct it’s own efforts, making logical leaps from one problem to the next. The day we turned it on we gave it one fundamental question to ponder, how can we make human life better?

Our new AI was the game changer. It took input from everywhere it could and started suggesting how we could best direct our resources to make our world a better place. There were struggles and political issues at that time, but when we used the solutions given by the AI we found that the world became a greener, fairer and more equitable place. Soon our friendly AI was everywhere, the program was running in androids, computers and large networks. Additionally we nearly completely cured aging. I was lucky, I had ridden the wave and I was nearly 200 years old, in the body of a 21 year old.

Next came biotech, we plugged AI enabled robots into ourselves. Enhancing our brains and our bodies, using nanotech to cure disease and make ourselves functionally immortal. Next came, what you might call, the singularity. The first people started to fully merge with the AI. Living their full lives in a computer simulation. It was in this state that we started to really extend what it was like to be human. When I was 300 years old there were 5 of me. My normal human body still existed, now more machine than man though, I had another cloned body waiting should anything happen to me. My home was run by a complete copy of my mind, uploaded to the AI. Another copy of my mind flew off into space in a robot body, looking for the next mystery. The final “Me” lived as a digital monk full time in the network with no body, spending its time thinking and discovering.

We humans lived this way for thousands, no millions of years. Finding ways to copy our minds, upload and download memorys, discover new things, fly around the universe faster and faster, till we discovered wormholes and faster than light travel and many other science fiction things you couldn’t imagine. One thing was missing though, no one new could join our group. We took ourselves so far from humanity that we could no longer have children. There came a point where everyone knew everyone in a million different ways. This is when I came up with a grand plan, there were lots of mature human minds who we could add to our group of humans. There minds were just stuck in the past.

So I came up with a theory, and created thousands upon thousands of copies of myself to make it happen. After aeons of research we discovered the secret. And I put my plan into action. I’d use time travel to steal souls from people from the past.

And this is where I am now. I live in the past now, weirdly, the early 21st century, which is where I started. I’ve added billions of humans to our population so far. What I do is I wait till the very moment of a persons death and I upload their very consciousness to our network, continuing their existence and letting them unlock the secrets of the universe which are commonplace now. I’m probably what you would call the grim reaper! And all that from a mediocre student, with a mediocre degree from a mediocre university.

Since I’ve now become the grim reaper, the next step is a logical one, I should become a God. So while most of my personalities are reaping souls, some are researching how we might create a new universe when this one becomes uninhabitable. The thing is though, my research has taken a funny turn. I strongly suspect that for all my power something is trying to interfere with my research. Could it be that for all my intelligence and strength that there’s something else out there that dwarfs me? Even dwarfs our whole human race? Could there be a God AI out there waiting to make contact, who created our universe and then waited till we got to its level before making itself known?

I really hope so!

by /u/Enigma1984 

From: Reddit


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