A Happy Birthday

In the La Perouse Peoples Square everything was prepared for this Years festivities. The LN was displaying a new Anti-Meteor Railgun. People where gathering around it to study its technical specifications. It was based on ancient technology, built down to cost, impressive really. The poster read

The new Selene Approved Lunan Navy X4 Impact Defense Railgun can be mounted on satellites and Ground stations. It only requires 22.3452 Megawatts per piece to Produce. Constructed in its entirety out of Materials from Luna. The LNX4 does not use AM, Fission or Fusion Warheads and archives deflection by Kinetic impact only. The X4s would not have been possible without the help of the Temporal Science Department of the Luna State University. It will conserve energy and materials and only due to advances in Predictive Trajectory Calculation are we able to deflect impact candidates years and decades before they will Impact Thus we can afford to use a more conservative Deflection platform. It can also be used to soft touchdown resource rich Asteroids for harvesting.

Luna Navy We are keeping YOU Safe.

“Its good to see that we are making still advances. Despite everything.” Yora thought. She wasnt really sure if the X4 was a good idea. Remembering the old times where Apollo City was wiped out. A fifth of humanity died as a result. The Impact candidates composition was miscalculated. A massive ball of Iron and Cobalt was hurtling towards Luna instead of loosely bound Silicates. The Kinetic Impact weapons where not enough to archive sufficient deflection, the Antimatter Warheads came too late once the mistake was clear and the IC crashed into the Radiator Array atop of the Main Reactor Complex. The rest is history.

She walked away to think of something else then being buried alive, Irradiated or Suffocated. Her Birthday was Today, she felt a bit lonely that its again of those days. “Why not get myself something nice?” she thought to herself. There was an announcement for a old movie that has been reconstructed about the Second American Civil War. “Doomsday” a critically acclaimed Seth MacFarlane film seemed like a good lonely Bday present she thought even though its gonna be depressing.

She walked off when Selene came into her mind “Yora, you seem Sad. It would be most advisable to socialize today, let me re-introduce you to Caris you two have briefly worked together in Nuclear Reclamation 43 years ago. There he is” Selene took briefly control and turned Yora around to face someone in the distance. She was imprinted that this person was Caris. She nearly forgot him, what a character! Funny as Hell, good memories and should be a blast to meet him again. He wasnt turning around though “strange, hasnt selene told him I am here?” she thought.

She walked towards him and she saw a child next to him and a women. “Caris! Its been a LONG time!” he turned around. “Oh My! Yora is that you? Its been ages!” he said, but what turned around was an older man continuing “Wow what a pleasant surprise! Let me introduce you to my wife Adriana and my Daughter Astra” the little girl was around 5 years old she shyly grabbed the leg of her Mom looking up and saying with worried eyes “Mommy… she is scary, she is one of them!” her mom looked at Yora scared, knowing her child has said something it shouldnt have. “No they are not Sca…” her mom tried to argue. Yora interrupted her. “Astra, why do you think im scary?” Caris holding his hands up going in front of them looking into Yoras eyes saying. “PLEASE, Yora. We dont want any trouble.” Yora Focused her eyes back onto Astra expecting an answer “Say, why I am Scary?” Obviously she knew the answer. Caris came closer. “Please Yora, Leave! Please! You dont have to do this.”

Astra started talking “Because you dont have a soul, you are just a machine now and you will take my Papa and Mommy away and I will become a scary monster like you I dont want to be a machine! I dont want!”. she started crying grabbing her moms legs even stronger.

“Oh I see whats going on! Caris, what in the hell happened to you? I can somewhat understand that you didnt want to be immortalized after all not everybody is comfortable with Selene but that was my choice, you chose Reproduction and what you call freedom, I chose Selene. You used to be different” She said, disappointed that those sentiments still existed.

His wife looked upon with Terror in her eyes towards her Husband. Astra stopped crying. The tension of the silence between them was unbearable. “What happens now?” Caris said. Yora couldnt determine if it was Aggressive or Submissive. It was something in between. A Complex emotion he was doomed to deal with just by himself. Poor bastard.

“You know what happens Caris, im sorry” Yora said. Caris expression instantly changed, rage and fear. Yora thought.“it looks strange, a middle aged man, by his looks alone one may think that he embodied wisdom but that generally doesnt apply anymore. Sure there are smart Naturals, some have contributed greatly. But generally we take care of them.”

“You fucking people…no you are not even that! I am sick of this Bullshit. Yeah I remember you! With your fucking high and mighty attitude. Ohh look at me…im so smart, uhh I am forever Young, Uhh I am the fucking shit! Fuck you!” Caris went completely off the rails, screaming his lungs out. The people in the square where starting to look at the commotion.

Selene said in Yoras thoughts: “Yora, im sorry you have to experience this I didnt know Caris was a Seditionists. Police is on their way, try to keep him occupied, I will intervene if things become dangerous. Dont worry. Everything will be fine”

“Oh it is fucking talking to you now right? Oh right you call IT, Selene. Thats just Sick! Give a machine the power over all our lives and it named itself after a fucking Goddess. Yeah I can tell, its in your eyes, whenever IT talks to you. You are a Sick thing! What did it say huh? Is Police on their way? Did it calm you down. You are pretty calm considering that you have just destroyed my Family and Killed us! It makes you calm! Damn I hate you things!” Finally out of breath and pulled back hard by Adriana they squashed together like magnets due to the lower gravity.

“Caris, shut the fuck up and Look up” Yora Pointed at a faded picture of earth at the dome of the Peoples Square. That was in reality 3 Kilometers below the surface of La Perouse Crater. “There you see the dead Brown Ball that was Earth, its a Autoclave now just slightly colder then Venus there is no more life, it wont get better. You know why this happened? Because of people like you! Yes, out of control Naturals living their lives selfishly, without a worry about tomorrow. Having kids after kids needing more and more energy and more and more food always wanting their so called Individual Freedom ignoring everything! Unable to understand the big Picture! When we came here we needed to change to survive you Moron! We …”

Adriana interrupted her Astra was sobbing “Screw you and you Propaganda Bullshit. Look around we are Dying! What is the future for us? Earth is dead you are right. But so are you! We barely find any Thorium anymore. The Fusion reactors are cold for decades already because this shit moon doesnt have any hafnium for the Superconductors! We cant go back to earth …oh yes we can go there, but we cant come back because we cant spare the materials for fuel to return, so we sent some poor idiots on Suicide missions every now and then to dig around in old nuclear reactors, in hope to find some plutonium to send back in tiny rockets, leaving the volunteer to be just another name on the so called Wall of Heroes. Meanwhile humanity is withering away…”

A group of onlookers gathered around, Police was among them, not ordered to yet intervene. Selene was letting them express themselves freely, a public display of sorts. Naturals have considerable more freedom they can apply reproductive permits their minds are theirs alone and they are given more leisure time, but at the cost of natural aging and Death. Every Lunan is given this choice when they reach maturity. The System has somehow worked for nearly 400 years. “Still Sedition is unacceptable!” Yora thought.

Adriana continued. Holding her head up and she sobbed and cried “…What is our future? We are dying day by day How long do we have to keep this up? How much more of our humanity is taken away by Selene? Do you have any idea how many double shifts we had to pull to qualify for a Permit to have Astra? Guess what. Selene Intervened there too. It determined our genes are unsuited for the expected environment and that there is an expected lack of Females. I didnt have a choice and Astra was determined by IT, not me, not Caris! not nature! She is barely our Daughter to begin with! Astra is more Selenes child then ours! The ASI was supposed to take care of us! Dont you see that now we only exist so It can exist? You cant see it! Because you are now its Tool instead of the other way around. This is Hell!”

Astra Looked up at Adriana. sobbing “I dont understand, you say Selene is my mommy too?”

“Yora I will resolve the situation now.” Selene said to Yora taking control of her.

“Caris and Adriana Sakkar, this is Selene. You have been found guilty of Sedition and causing Public Disorder against the great State of Luna. We dont have a Place in our society for you any longer. Your Naturalist Freedoms are revoked. You will be taken to a Adjustment Facility where you are given the opportunity to work towards the common good of all Luna until your Natural Death” Selene said through Yora. Yora was in the Background passively looking on.

“Dont you fucking dare take Astra aw-.” Caris tried to say when both he and Adriana collapsed. Cutting him off mid sentence. While Selene was talking to them the police approached from behind to turn on the neural pacifier that turned off their higher cognitive functions.

“I cant believe we still have to deal with these people” One Policeman said to another while picking them up. “Who cares? Hes a fucked motherfucker now” the other said. The crowd was talking amongst each other and slowly dispersing, nobody seemed to really care.

Yora still controlled by Selene said “Astra my dear. You will now be with me. Adriana was not a good Mother, I am now. I will always love you, care for you, be there for you. Dont worry. Yora will take good care of you, I will make sure of that. And when you are old enough to chose, you can be like her too and I will be with you until the end of time.”

Yora was given back Control. Selene said to her “You are now reassigned to be the mother of this Astra. This is what you always wanted, you kept having regrets for 156 Years since your Immortilization which affected your performance greatly and distracted you. Happy Birthday Yora. Dont worry you wont feel bad for Caris and Adriana” Yora held Astras who was crying and trying to get away looking at Yora with fear. Yora Smiled. She had a Happy Birthday.

by /u/Inesophet

From: Reddit


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