Ambiguity of Love


It’s the darkest of the night.Yet the night seems even darker to him.Fear does that to people,shows them things at their worst or perhaps as something more sinister than they possibly could be.His body is drenched with sweat yet he has never felt more cold in his life.In his case it maybe something worse than fear though as he looks at the ground to see the beautiful yet lifeless body of a person he used to be so fond of.”Can you still be in love with a dead person?” he thinks to himself.Maybe it’s not fear but it’s regret.Regret of an unknown happiness that he had,regret of not being resilient enough but most of all….Regret of a failed promise.


She wonders to herself what brought this on.Maybe she was too cruel,too demanding or perhaps she shouldn’t have trusted him,heeding to the warning of the world surrounding her.”It’s too late for regrets now” she thinks.She heard somewhere that the most significant memories start to flash before the eyes of a dying person.She thinks of the possibility of seeing the face of the man she loved so dearly few more times.It’s quite ironic that the same man is making her choke on her own blood.Death with such irony will make quite the headlines perhaps….

by /u/Sadib22

From: Reddit


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