She walked beside the pavement pulling her bedroom behind. Her head faced the road trying to find an escape. Holding out an arm she extended her thumb, an attempt to catch the next ride to anywhere. A strong wind blew through, causing a chill that started at her legs and made its way to the back of her neck. She shivered. Grabbing the broken zipper of her jacket, she tucked it beneath her arm. Though the sun was out, the air was still cold and the wind was strong. Brief cyclones of fallen leaves tore through the tar, destroying the dismal view. Her jacket was as blue as the sky scattered with ivory vines. Even in its rough shape she loved her jacket. It was a present from her mom for her birthday; her birthday three weeks ago. She walked alongside the road for a couple more miles before she became tired. A quick rest would be fine as she walked for quite some time. She pulled up the bright pink bag and pushed the handle down creating a makeshift stool. The pink bag was all that she had to hold her belongings. He bought it for her, it was a gift or an apology; it doesn’t matter anymore. She curled up on the bag, holding her knees she breathed warmth into her jacket. A roar of an engine could be heard down the road. Finally someone was coming. She stood up and placed her thumb back in the air. A pale green truck pulled up and the driver rolled down the window. “Where to?”

“Far away from here.”

by /u/RaunchyRancor

From: Reddit


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