Blinded Rage

“You little *****.”

“Can’t the great Keir Daen do something about it?”

Sparks and metal flew as the mechanized warriors flung themselves into each other. Blow for blow seemingly even in glorious savagery. The two were at some point friends, companions at least. One a paragon of order and justice, the other a beautiful siren with a mission. As companions none could say they got along perfectly, they argued and complained but never fought.

“You were supposed to leave me there to die.”

“All you have to say is thank you.”

Rage burned in Keir’s eyes. The noble umpire was charged with keeping order and justice and paying the price for that vow. He couldn’t live up to that vow, he was receiving what he felt was just, death. Then she stepped in.


“Do you Keir Daen accept the punishment of the Uempire Code? You are guilty of breaking seven ordinances. Your punishment is death by beheading.”

“Yes, I accept. Long may the Code Reign.”

“Brother Daen, may the spirits have mercy on your so–”

One shot tore through the armor of the high Uempire Guard, severing the executioners arm in two. The Ceremonial Axe clamored as it hit the ground before Daen. The rest of the guard immediately took up their weapons and scanned for the assailant. Two came over, dragged Keir to the wall and magnetized his restraints to be him still. Unnecessary the former Uempire had lost all will to live. The thought of continuing on crushed his spirit. The idea of righteous judgment was pointed only at himself. As self-pity was drained from his soul all was left was a shell. He had ruined what it had meant to be an Uempire.

A small green alien appeared beside Keir and short circuited the restraints. Then without any sort of struggle picked up Keir and carried him toward a newly remodeled exit.

“Can’t you see this is what I wanted?!”


“I don’t care if you don’t care what I want! Let me die with honor!”

Daen tries to wrestle free of the green alien’s grasp only to realize the impossibility. The mechanized suit he was in was completely stiff and no response from the internal computer.


“You caused me the highest dishonor. I was meant to die.”

“Keir, you’re more than an Uempire. You’re our friend. Now calm down and let’s get going.”

The rage burned even hotter in Daen’s soul. His attacks grew stronger and stronger. The suit compounding every bit of strength he had in him. Metal crunched beneath his hands. There was nothing keeping him from getting what he deserved. Blow after blow punching harder and harder, Keir stopped for a moment to breathe.

There was no more fighting. She was crushed in her own suit. Pieces missing. Slowly Keir Daen got up and walked away. Nothing in his way. In the air behind him he could hear an echo, What kind of monster are you?

by /u/rjemandems

From: Reddit


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