The only truth I have ever found was at the bottom of a bottle of cheap vodka with my feet dangling off the edge of a cliff staring into the dim lit sky from the skyscrapers beyond. The only noise in my ears the burning on the tip of my cigarette. As the last ashes fell on my leather jacket they were immediately blown into the wind. A single tear streamed down my cheek as the realization came that we are all ephemeral and burn and are forgotten like that ash. With one last swig of the bottle the last drops hitting the back of my throat leaving a burning sensation that pierced me down to the core. My body was just warm enough to throw that bottle over the edge and hear the glass crash onto the rocks below. Running my hands through my messy hair I began the long track back down the mountain having found nothing at the top but despair and a realization that tomorrow isn’t ever promised. As I walked my boots feeling heavier than lead but not heavier than my heart each stepped echoed in my ears. The closer i got to the bottom the louder each stepped seemed till they were a pounding in my head like a drum line. As the earth flattened out I broke into a run seeking an escape in the music that my fidgeting fingers were picking out on my phone. But each song seemed duller than the next each melody sadder or more heartbreaking. Frustrated I found myself under the biggest tree head in my shaking hands. My breath like a dragon in front of me as I gasped for air. The darkness closed around me the silence deafening. I sat there for what seemed like days but it was really only minutes. The birds began to chirp and a thin line of light started to form over the horizon. The warmth of the sun began to graze my cheek and for a moment I thought i was going to be okay. I wiped the dew of my shoulders and the dirt of my jeans and made my way back to the car. Today was a new day. A new time. A new challenge. But I felt ready.

by /u/shurushaa 

From: Reddit


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