Dad Killed Cats and Now We Own One

A few years ago my moms cousins boyfriend cousin or sister (I don’t really remember) just had kittens so my mom’s aunt told us about them and me and my mom were soo exited unlike my dad who hated cats he didn’t tell us why though.After a whole bunch of convincing my dad finally agreed that we could get one of them,we got a female tuxedo cat.After a few months of her living with us my dad fell in love with her and she loved him,she’s all grown up now, a few days ago I asked my dad why he didn’t like cats before we got her,my dads answer shocked me.Back then when he was young before he came to America he said he would always kill cats with a slingshot.I no longer feel safe about my dad being near my cat.

by /u/Bennyman1001 

From: Reddit


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