Whatsapp from Zia: “Heyy how’s your day been?”

“Probably just needs someone to rant to about her oh so horrible day…again,” I said to myself. “The day she realizes her life is better than 80% of the country’s population, is the day a meteor will boop my head”

-Swipe to dismiss-


-Spotify shows paused-

Play next song

-Six Feet Under by Billie Ellish plays-

Spotify’s watching me…and I’m completely fine with it to be honest.

Increases volume

As I took a hit of my ciggie and the buzz kicked in, I thought to myself, “Not enough.” I got up and went to my desk sluggishly and slowly opened the bottom drawer. A shiny turning dull metal box with a scratched up cannabis leaf logo revealed itself. Beside it sits a circular matte black grinder. I took out the metal box and placed it on the desk, leaving the drawer ajar.

Opens metal box

A stack of rolling paper sits beside a dime bag of weed. “My sobriety ends after a week I guess, give or take,” I narrated. “Would have kept count if I actually gave a shit but it was a front made for you Zia.”

by /u/engaest

From: Reddit


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