Dogs and Porridge

Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. You want nothingness of mind? I’ll give you nothingness of mind you little shit! Harry proceeds to beat his son who is desperately clinging onto his copy of the Mumonkan. You think you’re enlightened, huh? You’re twelve fucking years old! You need some sense slapped into you!

All James wanted to do was be alone, and get away. He didn’t really get why he wasn’t allowed to read what he liked. He just found this book at the library on the way home from school. The other children left him to his own devices. They wanted to play football.

So there he was, sitting on his bed, reading a koan, when suddenly his father walks in and stands there, looking aghast. Your mother tells me you’ve been up to no good. What? You think you’re better than us? Give that to me. No. What do you mean, no?

Harry runs over to his son who is cowering in the corner of his bed. Once a haven, now a place of disharmony and upset. I don’t want you brainwashing yourself with some ancient crocked up bullshit Buddhism Bodhidharma whatshisname shit of a man. Did he ever work ten days straight no rest standing up on his feet all day? No, he just sat down by a river his whole life.

James didn’t understand what all the fuss was about but he decided to hand the book over to his dad and get on with his homework. Shame, he was really enjoying reading about dogs and porridge.

by /u/ngalicae

From: Reddit


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