I heard a knock at the door, but I looked out my window to an empty porch. I figured I’d made a mistake. I resumed reading Transworld Snowboarding. Eyes glaze over Travis Rice’s backside 3 as another knock, more distinct and purposeful, cracks my concentration. Still nobody at the door, so I got up to check. I looked out my front door, but as I opened it and looked out, there was another knock, coming from my room. I checked twice to see if there was anyone there. I returned to my room, and heard another knock.

​This fucker’s persistent, I thought. I treaded around my room, wondering where this knock was coming from, when I heard another. This time I saw my closet door rattle with the force of the knock. I confusedly looked at it.

J.P. walker’s “Visitors” poster rattles against the off-white sliding closet door. My eyes focus on the pin holding the poster in place, the subtle tears expanding with each proceeding harsh rattle against the other side. I inch closer.

​My closet door opened to reveal a porch, with two white chairs and a white deck leading down to a front yard I’d never seen before. In front of me, standing in front of the door in a white button down, black pants and a big ol’ shit eating grin on his face, was a Jehova’s Witness.

​“Good Morning miss, do you have a moment to talk about-

“Wait wait wait.”

​He paused confusedly. I looked around my bedroom, then peeked my head out of my closet door. There was a full neighborhood, willows draping over the sidewalks, families walking their dogs under the shade, shooing mosquitos away from the noticeably denser air. Kids playing across the street and a mailman making his daily rounds.

​I gagged dumfoundedly, trying to find the words to say. The Jehova’s Witness continued.

​“I was just wondering if you had a second to-“

“Look dude, I don’t want what you’re selling,” I said. “I’m in a weird place right now.”

​I push strands of hair out of my face.

Tears welled, breaths choke. Ears held, scream choked. I didn’t want to seem out of place to the families inside my closet.

​I took a step back to understand what I was seeing. Tracing a finger across the seam of my closet door, I noticed it perfectly connected with the dilapidated wooden frame of the house it unreasonably connected with. My deep breaths turned to bottomless heaves as I rubbed the seam frantically. My thumb heated from the friction.

​The Jehovah’s Witness seemed as bewildered by my behavior as I was by the whole situation.

Concerned eyes. He leans in.

​“Well, maybe the Big Man can help with that.”

“I don’t think the “Big Man” has much authority here,” I desperately crack, peeking my head in and out, trying to understand this phenomenon.

“Well, everything is the Lord’s domain. Here step out into the sun, have some fresh air.”

I took a step out, swinging the door shut behind me. A thunderous crack before I realized what I did. I turned around to try to stop the door from shutting, but there it was. The inside of my closet door. I quickly grabbed it and opened it again, revealing the inside of a house I’d never seen. I turned around and the Jehova’s Witness was gone.

​“Fuck,” I said.

by /u/Bardcore-Bard-Store

From: Reddit

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