Dream Synopsis

With the waves crashing, and the sun setting, I knew that this would be one of my last chances to tell her how I feel. The weather felt tropical with the sand biting in between my toes. I thought as I walked with her, hands inter locked as one. My mind wandered as we roamed around the sand, not keeping a straight path but of scattered, step by step, with no path or destination. I thought about my life, where I came from and where I am currently. It seemed almost like a dream, as if I could wake up any second to my body still asleep, unable to move from my slumber. I looked down at my shirt, the tethered top that blew in the wind, seeming to almost escape with one last gust only to float on and off into the sunset. As I was brought back to reality, I tried to center my thoughts. What do I say, how do I say it? My skin turned clammy as my heart rate elevating. My heart and shirt seeming to both want to escape my body. As if a higher being was looking down upon me, I unified my mind and body and began to speak. “Can I tell you something?” The words seemed to escape my mouth in a panic, barely a second passed and she spoke words that put my whole body in a tranquil state. “Yes”, she said with a smile, “You can tell me anything”. I took a deep breath and with the confidence of a lion, I said those three magic words “I love you”. Instead of an immediate response, time began to slow down and my body again started to freeze as we stopped walking. My ears were eager to hear those other four magic words in return. My anticipation grew as I waited. “I know”. Umm What? My mind went off. What the hell, is this Star Wars? If this is Star Wars then am I Princess Leah? Do I look like a princess? Is my girlfriend Han Solo about to go into a deep freeze? Internally, my mind went insane. Emotions popped out from within me like popcorn, annoyance, sadness, anger, then back to straight up annoyance. “I know” I said out loud, “What does that mean?” She noticed my mood change and assuredly responded with “I know, I love you too”. Bam. There it is. It turned out to be six words instead of four but it all ended with the same results. It felt as if the safety bar of the emotional rollercoaster final unlocked and I escaped, stretching out and trying to get my bearings. With the sun slowly setting, and the wind dying down, I leaned in for a kiss. Beforehand, I pushed my long lofty hair out of my face, “out of the way hair” I thought as I combed my salty hair out of the way to see her more clearly. Time slowed again and I noticed something different. Are there nots in my hair? I stayed relaxed and tried to ignore them, pulling my hand away and trying it for a second time. I spread my fingers again to comb my hair back but again, I hit a not. This time it was different. As I hit the not, my vision started to fade. She said something but this time, I could not understand. As if she were speaking another language, a language very distant to English, an intense light entered the corner of my eye and increased with tenacity. It all felt real, and I was convinced of it. As the light increased, I closed my eyes to ground myself. When I opened them, another ray pierced my vision, but this time, I saw a fuzzy white behind it. I touched my hair and notice there are indeed nots, and that there is also something soft and fluffy behind it. As I shifted my head to avoid the sunlight, I caught a black bedside table next to me. Still, I was assured that I was just seeing things and again closed my eyes as to transport myself back to the beach, hand in hand with the girl of my dreams. All a sudden, I heard a loud knock. “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, Honey breakfast is ready”. “God Damnit”, I muttered, still half asleep. Then it hit me, it was all just a dream. My heart sank right through my bed and buried itself into the floor. I arose like a zombie, again checking to see where I am. At first the setting looked foreign, but as I awake more I realized that I am in my own room. Thoughts flooded my mind as my body tried to operate after being put on sleep mode for the past couple hours. When I finally came to, I got up and decided that maybe some coffee and toast can ease my soul.

by /u/Grub_let 

From: Reddit


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