Employee of the Month

I spent the day putting on the finishing touches on the report I’d been working on all week and checking it over for errors before submitting it just before the end of the day. Just as I was about to leave, my manager came by my desk accompanied by his secretary.

“Oh hey Marc! I just wanted to let you know that you’ve won Employee of the Month! Could you stand here to take a picture please?”

I rose from my desk and stood next to him and mustered a smile while the secretary took a picture with her phone.

I sat back down at my desk and my mind wandered back; back years and years when things were very different. I thought back to when I had great plans for my life. I wanted to travel the world, to live abroad and experience all the cultures the world has to offer. I wanted to be remembered; to have people care what I did and be interested in my life. I wanted to live a life that mattered.

I stared blankly out the window on the drive home along the same route I’d driven for years, the thousands of cars around me stuck in gridlock sitting between me and home. I thought about how there were days I would have killed myself rather than live this life. Days when I expected so much and was ready for anything. What I wouldn’t give to go back and do it over again.

by /u/Ameobea

From: Reddit


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