Time to Go

An unsettling dream woke Harold from his slumber. His eyes opened to a dark figure hovering over him, shrouded in the sunlight of that early morning.

Shocked, he kept still, wrapped in his sheets, and let with a shaky voice asked, “H-H-Hello? Wh-Wh-Who are you? The valuables are all downstairs.”

“I am Death and it’s time for you to go.” The dark figure responded.

Harold propped up in his bed and with confusion in his voice asked, “What? Go where? Is this a kidnap?”

Death tilted its head, “Somewhere that is not here.”

“You don’t know?” James was relieved but even more confused. “Well, then I’m sure this is all a big mistake. I’m sure you meant to take someone else.”

Death bent down to look Harold in the eyes. “No.”

Harold slid to the other side of his bed, the side his wife liked. He tried to focus on the dark shape, but without him wearing his glasses, Death just looked like a blurry man in a suit to Harold. There was also the dark mist radiating from it’s body that made Harold believe this blurry man in a suit is who he says he is.

“Harold, I bear you no ill will. Your time, like every one else’s, has come to an end.”

“This can’t be right, I haven’t had as much as a cold in years!” Harold argued.

Death remained silent.

Harold got out of bed, finger pointed at Death. “I’m only sixty-five, I’ve plenty of years left in me!”

Death said nothing.

Harold stood proud. “I…” The thought went unfinished as he knew it would make no sense wasting more time arguing. Death had his mind made up. Harold’s body limped and he let out a sigh.

Death held out a had to Harold, “It is time to go.”

Harold stood still. Death towered high over him. He sat on the bed and buried his head in his hands. He couldn’t bring himself to look up at the dark figure. Thoughts of the his son, and his grandchildren clouded his thoughts. Thoughts of his wife, who he missed so much as the days went on. Thoughts of their wedding, their honeymoon, the life the had.

“I did a lot didn’t I?” Harold looked up and smiled.

Death nodded.

“Another day without her would be torture, but my son.”

“He’ll be fine without you. He has Lilly.” Death said.

Harold was unsure, but under his blurry vision it looked as though Death was smiling.

“Time to go.”

Death held out a hand and Harold took it. He led Harold to the door that was glowing a light so bright that Harold had to squint. “I don’t know where I will be taking you, but I’m sure Mary will be there waiting for you.” Death said as they went through the door.

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