Flower of Power

In a small village where everything is green, a group of young boys are playing while they are walking back home.

Clink! A flowerpot falls down, breaks apart, little white lily flowers touch the ground.

“Oh Billie!! What should we do?” Danny, the smallest boy, asks.

“You ! Danny! You go in there and sorry to old lady!” Billie shouts at Danny.

“But .. I didn’t do it”

“And what? Just get in there and says sorry to her”

“But I don’t want to … not with that old witch”

“Don’t be coward Danny or else you’ll have a big problem with me” Billie threatens Danny. The little boy has no choice but to do so. He walks to the rusty cottage with tears in his eyes while the others boy run away from him. After a long run, they take separate ways to go back home.

Billie might sound like a normal boy who loves to have fun and play with his friend all day long. But there is something special about him, he’s passionate about being a leader. Billie truly desires to be a leader because he loves to have all the power and to command everything, plus he thinks it’s fun. He puts himself as a class leader at school which he is totally proud of and always brag about it. Any chance that will get him more power, he would take it.

A couple day after the flowerpot accident, Billie is on his way back home but this time he is alone. He’s kicking grass along the way as if he is mad about a fight earlier. While he is walking back, he meets old lady who’s picking some herb that grew along the path.

“Oh young boy what bothers you today?” the old lady asks genuinely.

Billie stops for a moment and wonders if he’s seen her before but he can’t remember.“Um, nothing” the boy tries to avoid any conversation with this old mysterious lady.

“well … . if there is nothing bothers you that’s great ! But take this flower with you, let this little white one brighten up your day.” old lady smiles and hands Billie a white lily from her rusty bag.

“Thanks” Billie takes the flower as a gift and walks back home.

He still feels down because of the big fight with his classmates about how he should behave as a class leader. He thinks that there is nothing wrong with his behavior.

‘Well, I might blame Jenny for eating in class and have her get punish from Mr.Dean, it was just a silly thing, they don’t have to fight with me like this!’ Billie thought.

When he gets back home, he goes straight up to his bedroom. Then puts the flower beside his bed and falls sleep.


“My dear Billie, wake up, there’s something you need to know” a soft and sweet voice but unfamiliar voice said. He tries to get up but the light is too bright in the morning.

“Billie …. I am so sorry to tell you that your father has passed away .. ”

“w what !” Billie was astonished by what he just heard and sprung up from his bed. After a few minute talks with the soft voice who apparently is Billie’s wife, he then realizes that he has become the prince of a kingdom and about to become the new king as the king has just passed away. The very first day that he becomes the new king, he is confused about what to do but when he fully realizes that he has power above everyone in the town, he starts to use his power for his happiness. He spends all the money on the greatest meal, the best clothes and all the best thing he could possibly think of. He lives his life as a king who doesn’t care about his people. The more time passes, the more he becomes addicted to power. He uses power to get rid of anything that get in his way and starts war with others kingdom like kids playing board game.

Everything that he touches turns to trash. The town is falling apart but he doesn’t care about it. He continues to use his power freely until there’s a rebellion against him. He tries to run away but doesn’t succeed. They take him to the lawn front of the church and decide to execute him. At the moment that he about to get his head the chop, he thinks about all the things he had done, all the decisions he made and the person that he had become. He cries and wishes that he’d never done something like this.

He smells a white lily.


“My dear Billie, wake up” He heard the same thing once again but this time it was the most familiar voice that he would never forget or get tired of.

Billie slowly gets up and sweeps tear off his face. He notices that the white lily is still laying by his bed. He is relieve that everything is back to the way it was.

The day after, he walks home alone, this time it’s not because he fights with his friend but he has something to do. He walks down along the way to the rusty cottage and return the white lily with a little note in front of the cottage.

‘I’m truly sorry about the lily pot and thank you about everything. Even though I might not be ready for great power but one day I’ll be the most caring leader in the world, Billie’

The boy learns his lesson about power and the responsibilities that come with it. To takes responsibility for all of his actions and uses the power, as a little kid, to the greatest result for himself and everyone around him.

by /u/uninoooos 

From: Reddit


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