Battered. Bloodied. Broken. Bruised.

The battle is over. Nobody won – but I lost. I was the best at my trade, and now I am not.

No longer can I uphold my promise to: truth; justice and our national way. I must rest, recuperate, retire.

My fight is over. The tattered cape of justice boxed away, with the boots and domino that conceal my identity. I am a hero – no more.

The clock hand barely strikes a new hour. A new hero rises to the occasion, to fill the void which I have left. I am substituted, surpassed, shelved.

The public watches them, admires and adores, like once they did me. I watch from my armchair.

I critique, commentate, chunter at my screen as I am redundant.

That’s not how you do it. That’s not how I did it. That’s not… That’s not…

But what’s the use, nobody knows who I am – beneath the mask. No body cares for my opinion, I am ostracised, I am old. I am obsolete.

I watch as my junior fights the good fight, defends against the plight, showcases their might.

Years pass by and I atrophy and wither. A blunted cog from a machine of old. Vacuous, vexatious, vociferous.

I find hobbies, rubble to fill the void. Tasks to keep my attention. Diversions, distractions, digressions.

The new hero racks up win after win, champion of the people, hero of the hour, saviour of the day… until.

An old face emerges from the shadows. The face of malevolence, macabre, monstrous.

My enemy survived our final battle, my rival, my thorn. The two must duel.

I watch the fight upon my screen, good versus evil, dark versus light. The tides turn. The hero falls, defeated. Déjà vu.

A knocking at my door, my replacement. My help is needed. I am needed. I need. Jamais Vu. Uncovered are the relics of my past, the cape, boots and mask. I am a shell, they are my casing.

Side by side we walk, we run, we fly, we fight.

Smash, bang, kablam, boom.

Alone we fell. Together we rise. Together we triumph.

Battered. Bloodied. Broken. Bruised.

The mantle is no longer mine. The torch not mine to bare. But solace is found. My demons battled.

Victorious, Vindicated, Validated.

My legacy, hereafter.

by /u/Toleron 

From: Reddit


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