I Loved You One Day

Terrance found the perfect girl. Her name was Trinity. She had a sexy body, a sexy personality, and a sexy mind. He paid close attention to Trinity, and he made a list of all the things she liked whether they were overheard or through their encounters.

Terrance was so infatuated with Trinity, he thought he would die if she were to disappear. After one week of talking to her, Terrance out her out for drinks. Trinity said, “Yes.” She was absolutely nervous. Terrance admired everything about her. She wasn’t sure why, they’d only just met.

They went to Cheesey’s Bar, drank, talked, and laughed. But now Terrance was beginning to grow tired and Trinity was beginning to come out of her shell. She invited him to her place. Terrance said, “Sure.” At one in the morning, after talking, kissing, and having sex, Terrance left with only one thing to say, “I have some things to do.”

Trinity waited for the texts, the calls, the future plans, but Terrance disappeared. She wasn’t sure why.

by /u/jarasim123 

From: Reddit


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