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Mindy Jacobs, 1B

I’d gladly give Enigma Heights 5-stars. One positive is that the other residents are all very quiet and courteous. I haven’t heard a single sound out of their units. It certainly beats having to make noise complaints. Even though pets aren’t technically allowed, no one has objected to my Pomeranian. All in all, would recommend.

Killian Ashburton, 2A

I’ve had a very disappointing experience here. The reason I rented a room here certainly wasn’t for the riveting alleyway views. Yet the superintendent never responds to my calls and neither does the president of the renter’s committee. If I’d known about this level of customer service, I never would have signed the lease.

Walter Eisenburg, 1C

That’s it, I’m complaining to management. I was told that this apartment would have some other tenants who I could socialise with. What’s the point in living this close to other people if you don’t even have any neighbours? Either this is some elaborate prank or I’m part of a bizarre televised social experiment. Damnit.

Pamela Cartwright, 3B

Am I losing it? I’m certain that there are other people living here but I haven’t seen any since moving day, even after going doorknocking. There’s been this ridiculous thought that keeps circling back into my mind. Before I moved here, I was in an accident. It’s the reason I moved…losing my husband and kids. Could I really be a ghost?

Eunice Wong, 2C

Last night, I wake up in other apartment all of sudden. Something must have drag me from my room downstairs. Also intruders in my apartment. I call police soon. Think I also hear voices sometime. But not through walls. Talk inside my head. Go stir-crazy in here. Or maybe asbestos make me crazy.

Rajesh Laghari, 3A

I must be trapped in some kind of parallel dimension where there’s only me. I’m absolutely sure of it. Some paranormal power could have shifted me here the moment I entered. If this is my punishment for my sins in another life, then please forgive me. In my next life, will I be free, or will I roam these halls once more?

Rental Agreement

The tenant has agreed to rent all 12 rooms of the 3-floor apartment block, in accommodation of their aforementioned mental condition. As per the pre-discussed agreement, costs for the units’ rent, utilities and maintenance are to be covered by each of the tenant’s multiple personalities.

The individual known as Ms. Jacobs, Mr. Ashburton, Mr. Eisenhower, Mrs. Cartwright, Ms. Wong, Dr. Laghari et al.
Sole Tenant of Enigma Heights

by /u/GuyAwks

From: Reddit


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