Midnight Visitor

Last night, while asleep upstairs in bed. I was startled awoke by the sound of something heavy hitting the living room floor. Mere seconds went by, then the sound of what appeared to be a chair falling over.

I just lied there, too afraid to get up. All I could do was listen.

I started to hear footsteps moving slowly throughout my house. After a few seconds, the heard the sound of a plate crashing to the floor in the kitchen.

Is someone in my house? Do I have a poltergeist? Am I gonna die?

These questions raced through my head.

I thought about calling 911. But, I realized, I couldn’t, because I accidentally left my phone in the car like an idiot.

Lightning crashed outside my bedroom window, lighting up the skies, as the thunder roared on and the rain came pouring down.

For a moment, my mind got swept away in the soothing sounds of the falling rain. I started to doze off again.

I was just about to fall back asleep, when the sound of creaking stair steps jolted me conscious from my rain induced slumber.

Someone or something was coming up the stairs.

I pulled the blankets up over my head and lied there, shaking, sweating, and praying for this thing to go away.


Suddenly, the creaking stopped. I knew it had reached the top of the stairs, and was mere feet away from my bedroom door.

Second went by, I heard the sound of a small tap on my bedroom door, causing it to slowly creak open

With my back to the door, I could hear slow gentle footsteps enter my bedroom, then stop almost immediately.

I could feel a presence within the room. I could feel eyes beaming through the darkness and deep into my soul.

My body began to shake with fear. My heart beating fast, as if it was about to burst right out of my chest.

Another lightning crash, frightened me. I screamed.

Suddenly, I felt an enormous weight come crashing down upon my back, pushing me stomach first down into the bed.

This thing was now on top of me

I screamed again

I started to squirm in a feeble attempt to free myself. I screamed at it.


But, it didn’t stop. It didn’t move.

I felt it’s forearm land hard on the side of my head, forcing my face down into the pillows. I felt it’s hot, wretched breath on the back of my neck. I couldn’t breathe. I knew I was gonna die.

Through all the fear and chaos, I somehow remembered what my father used to say,

“If you’re going down, you better go down swinging.”

I took his words, and with a primal scream, I mustered up every ounce of strength I had within my being. I thrust back against this thing, finally flinging it off of me.

What followed after that, was a loud thud on the bedroom floor.

I quickly reached for the lamp on my nightstand, turning it on, and turning back around, just as this things head began to rise from the side of the bed.

I was soon face to face, eye to eye with this…this monster.

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. It’s eyes, black as night, it’s teeth, as sharp as the devils blade.

Finally, I sighed and said,

“Buster…You’re one heavy dog. Come here, buddy, I’m sorry!!”

by /u/MPZ1968

From: Reddit

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