Not All Ghost Are Scary

I love my Grandma. She protected me and my brother as much as she could. It was until one day, my brother got into a fight with a very, strong kid at our school. He would be in a coma for a very long time. He would never get to experience college. My Grandmother was heartbroken. She would visit him every week. My dad was an accountant, during winter each year he would drop me off at my Grandmothers for a few months before coming to pick me. My Grandmother would take care of me as best she could, reminding me to study for test, making me the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This would go on until the day I got into college, I was going to visit my Grandmother one last time, instead of seeing her, I saw a letter. This is what it read.

“Dear Robert

I want to say goodbye, My business is finished. I had served my duty as a Grandmother. You and your brother had grown up so fast. I wish your brother could know what you achieved. In fact, your brother is the reason I didn’t leave when I died in 2015, I didn’t want you to fail because of your Father’s lack of responsibility. You see, each winter I possessed your father to drive you to my house every winter. I would wipe all his memories of you away during winter. I would take care of you, and raise you to be successful. Now my job is done, and I can now rest. I can’t wait to tell your Grandfather and your Mother about all about you, and don’t forget, I will ALWAYS love you.



by /u/justinstory

From: Reddit


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