Once Bitten

Hour 0:

I struggled back up through by apartment building, avoiding hordes of zombies. With my home slowly running out of supplies, I thought i could get some easily. I was wrong. I reached my floor, swinging my axe, and killing a few zombies, before I felt a shooting pain run through my left arm. Screaming, I threw my attacker off me, and ran back inside, locking my door, and barricading it as I entered. I stumbled back to the sofa, and felt like crying. A bite. That meant I had only around ten hours to live. I searched my house for a gun like I had multiple times during the last months, and found nothing.

Hour 1:

There’s always that interesting question. What would you do on your last day on earth? People usually say that they would do the things that they enjoy most, like watching movies, and tv shows. Most people don’t plan for wether their last day would come when all of those things would have gone. For an hour, all I could do is sit on the sofa, and stare at the wall. I had survived this event for over six months, and now because of one stupid mistake, I was going to die. I sighed. It was then that I came up with an idea.

Hour 3:

If the point of the bite is to spread whatever disease these things carry, then why not just amputate the bitten limb! Even with this thought process, it took me over an hour to work up the courage to actually do it. I prepared a fire to cauterise it, took whatever drugs I hoped would soften the pain a bit, and prepared my axe. Twenty minutes later, the deed was done. I spent the rest of the hour resting, waiting for results. Eventually, I lay down for a nap.

Hour 4:

It didn’t work. I woke up from my nap in a brutal coughing fit. I barely noticed it before the amputation, but my entire forearm around where I was bitten had gone grey glancing at my stump, I saw that my shoulder had gone grey as well. I rushed towards the bathroom, and threw up. Alternating between coughing, and throwing up was how I spent my fourth hour. By the end of it, my entire bathroom was a mess, and my clothes were covered in blood which I coughed up.

Hour 5:

With nothing else to do, I spent this hour looking out the window, watching the hordes of undead roaming past. It is intriguing how fast this thing spread, even with the quick time between bite, and reanimation. I could see people of all different races, and genders out there. Man, woman, I think I even saw a little girl out there. My chest, neck, and head were beginning to go grey now, and they were all cold to the touch. Now, I was halfway through the time it normally takes between bite, and reanimation. It was then I remembered something I had to do before I go.

Hour 6:

I was living with my girlfriend before this whole thing started. She was bitten early on, and mad me promise to keep her alive in case they ever found a cure. Even when it became clear that was never gonna happen, I still was unable to kill her. I went to the closet where I kept her, and unlock the door. She lunged forward, by looked at my grey shoulder, and didn’t attack. She wouldn’t attack me because I was infected. I raised my axe, but brought it down. I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. I collapsed to the ground, sobbing, as she wandered past.

Hour 7:

Well, I found some alcohol in my kitchen, so I’ve just been drowning in my sorrows for the past hour. The left side of my chest, and head was now grey, and my mobility on the left side of my body was completely slowed. My girlfriend’ s zombie wandered through the apartment several times, looking for food. I think I saw her eating my severed arm at one point. She started banging on the door to get out, but I barely noticed, as I drank away my supply of alchahol.

Hour 8:

Not to long left now, and I was really beginning to feel the effects of it. I spent a full 5 minutes coughing and throwing up. When I looked at the mirror, I saw that my eyes were starting to go yellow. Probably not a good sign. My girlfriend was still begging to go out, and now that I had mostly sobered up, I was more aware of it. I walked back towards the living room, it was time to end this.

Hour 9:

I killd her. Drove a axe right into her skull. I now that there was no saving her, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. My entire hed is grey know. It feels like my thought process is slowing, Im starting to misspell things more. I can’t think as clearly now. It tossed her corpse out onto the street, and knocked down some zombys in the process. I tossed out some alcohol too, for no particular reason. I spent the remainder of my second to last hour throwing up in the bathroom, slowly contemplating my quickly approaching demyse.

Hour 10:

My entire skin up to my fet is now gray. I’m feeling weaker and weaker. I’m startin to get cravings for meat. The end is near, I can feel it. I left my apartment, slowly wandering past the undead who are now ignoring me. There was a gun shop down the street, but that was quickly looted when the outbreak happend. I went back to a park a few meter down. Where I first met my girlfrind, where my earlies memories are! And now, where my last memorie will be. I sat at the bench, watching the shambling hordes, almost at pease with the world. I can fel it coming n-

by /u/Sebastianlim

From: Reddit


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