Paranoïa at the Diner

He walks in confidently, and orders without much consideration. Crispy bacon, runny fried eggs, and one slice of toasted sourdough bread. Although his body is still, his eyes are flickering, bouncing around the room like a package of cigarettes at a 1950’s baby shower. He thinks strangely of the table across from him, wondering why the couple are wearing all black. Shaking his head, he unfolds a newspaper and begins reading. Loudly, he scoffs and mutters under his breath. Every so often he glances at the couple in black, keeping his tabs while continuing his read. He curses president this, and congress that, eventually dropping the newspaper to the floor in a cold frustration. For a moment he stares at its crumpled, black and white shape. Suddenly, almost all at once, an avalanche occurs inside his rounded skull. Dots are connecting with other dots in rapid succession. It’s the black smoking jackets, the black smoking jackets! He smashes a jumble of loose change on his table and leaps up, keeping both of his yellowish grey eyes on the couple he believes to have figured out. The couple stares back, big blue eyes blinking slowly. He brings one finger straight up into the air, signaling something hostile toward them. He then walks out, confidently and without much further consideration.

by /u/daily_yack 

From: Reddit


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