I’m not sure how long we’ve been here. It must’ve been a few months ago but it feels like we’ve been here for fucking years. We were on a patrol. It was me, Mikey, Sullivan, Jesse, and Harry. We were walking and talking. God knows what about. All of a sudden there was a loud bang. I hit the dirt along with Mikey beside me.

Mikey is my best friend.

Mikey was with me in basic.

Mikey is not dead.

My vision was blurry and I was dizzy. I heard some of the other guys groaning. It had to have been a grenade or an IED or something. I don’t know why I didn’t see it, why didn’t I fucking see it. Some men came and started stripping us of our gear. I was too out of it to put up much of a fight, but I heard someone…..it was Jesse….he started fighting back. They didn’t hesitate to put a bullet in him. He’s probably still out in the desert rotting like a fucking animal. They brought us here afterward……though I’m not sure where “here” is. Some sort of basement.

I don’t know what they want from me. For Christ sakes they can barely speak my language. Every morning they wake me with a bucket of hot water and a few swift kicks to the chest. Sometimes they play music to torture me. I’m not sure what kind. Some sort of jazz mixed with awful techno. They keep us all here in the basement. Mikey tells me everyday “It’s gonna be okay, It’s gonna get better.

Mikey is my best friend.

Mikey is with me in the basement

Mikey is not dead.

I woke up different this time….no one woke me up…I did it on my own. And the basement is no longer dark and damp and humid. The walls are white and I’m in a bed. The air is pleasantly cool. A man is is coming in the room now. I’m hooked up to all sorts of machinery. I’m wearing a mask that is helping me breathe. “Hello Arthur” He says, or more or less sighs. He looks at me and can tell I’m confused. “Oh my God you’re awake, Arthur you were in an IED explosion then taken prisoner. Don’t move around too much you’ve been unconscious for about 3 days.” It all started coming back to me. “Where’s Mikey” I asked him. He looked confused. “Arthur you were the only one we pulled out of that basement.” Oh….I remember now…..

Mikey was my best friend.

Mikey was with me in basic.

Mikey was with me in the desert.

Mikey was with me in the basement.

Mikey is not here with me in the hospital.

Mikey is dead.

by /u/SkillsTriicks

From: Reddit


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