Pursuit of Happiness

As I walked along the forest path, I was surprised by all the people out as well on that cool spring day. They ran in pairs down the path, rode bikes in groups, or slowly walked alone.

My mind was full – so long had I been thinking without answer. As the path’s end grew ever nearer, I grew more and more agitated and my thoughts wound restlessly through my mind.

Driven mad with my unceasing contemplation, I approached a man fishing on the shore of a pond. I shuffled up and with a rusty voice uttered, “Where do you find happiness?”

The man looked up, surprised at such a question. He looked at my face, his eyebrows turned upwards and after a second he replied:

“I find happiness here – in nature. Enjoying the fresh breeze, the sound of the waves on the shoreline – here I can be alone with myself and together with the world.”

I looked at him for a few seconds more before turning on down the path without a word. I then approached a young man sitting on a bench looking at a phone. I thought it strange, so I asked again, “Where do you find happiness?”

“He looked up with distant eyes and said, “I find happiness 300 miles away. So far out of my reach. But with this,” he said, holding up the phone, “I can touch that and be a part of her life.”

I could see him look back down as I staggered away down the path.

When I at last reached the end, I looked down at the water so very far below. And the one question that had filled my mind for years exploded across my synapses with the force of a hurricane: Where will I be happy?

by /u/Ameobea

From: Reddit


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