Tales from the Sim: The Addicts

“I don’t think we should be doing this.” Dave turned as his coworker came in and sat down. Matt shot an annoyed glance back, but didn’t say anything.

“Matt,” Dave tentatively put a hand on his shoulder, “we can’t keep this up. We’re going to get busted at some point.” Matt turned around from his monitor with a quick intensity, but spoke quietly.

“Look Dave, I know we’re not supposed to push it this far.”

“It’s illegal.”

“Yes, I know it’s illegal,” Matt huffed, “but honestly, if some guy wants to screw a girl for several hours, or eat food over and over without getting fat, or just wants to go camping for a few days, why should I stop him?”

“It’s not that you’d be stopping him; it’s that you’re letting him do it in the first place!”

“Look, all the sim centers around town probably do it. And just ‘cause some government committee felt it wasn’t proper to go past certain parameters,” Matt gestured flippantly with his hand, “doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. We monitor their vital signs just the same as the shorter and slower runs. And so what if we make a few extra bucks on the side?”

The two techs paused and looked at each other in silence. Dave finally mustered the courage.

“They’re getting addicted.” Matt started to look away, but Dave raised his voice. “And not just the people after sex or food or a bit of relaxation! It’s the more complex sims. Jesus, it’s like…it’s like they start to get lost down there.”

Matt acknowledged the truth of Dave’s last statement with a slight nod. Another silence followed.

“Well, at least we’re okay.” Dave searched Matt’s face, as he had several times before over. He had his suspicions, but then again, no one who worked at a sim center was above suspicion.

“I don’t know.” Matt’s comment caught Dave off guard.


“You know that guy Stan who comes in every Tuesday?”

“Yeah, the sex-on-the-beach-with-pasta-at-dawn guy?”

“He told me he’d turn us in if we didn’t give him another two hours each run.” Dave and Matt stared at each other.

“You going to do it?”

Matt nodded sheepishly. “I think I have to.”

“Shit.” Dave muttered under his breath. “I guess we’re all addicts.”

by /u/StanleyScience 

From: Reddit


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