The Dragon

Undecipherable from where I stood, it sparkled like gold in the moonlight; it twisted and swam through the air as if it were water. “Am I seeing something real?” I thought standing on the patio of my high-rise apartments. I glanced down into my wine glass and quickly put it down on the table afraid this hallucination had something to do with my drink. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze on my face while I ran my fingers through my hair. “Get a grip” I told myself. I opened my eyes again and gave another hard look in the same direction, there it was…still gliding through the sky. It appeared closer this time, although it was still far away. Suddenly the movements became sporadic, and the figure was diving in my direction as if falling from the sky toward me. As it advanced toward my building it became clear, this was a creature of dreams and of nightmares, a dragon.

This dragon had no wings, it rode on the air like a ship on the waves of the ocean. Its fur shimmered like the sun sparking fear within me. I panicked and ducked down with just my eyes looking over the edge of the guard rail. It stumbled through the air and down onto the street below. The crowded street was in chaos; men, women and children screaming and running away. The dragon did not move. It maintained position in the middle of the busy road, stopping traffic… waiting for something. Unexpectedly, I wasn’t afraid. I felt drawn to it. I quickly grabbed my sweater, slipped on my house shoes, and ran to the elevator. It was taking too long. I ran down the stairs, twenty-two flights of them without a second thought. I ran through the lobby and out the double doors… There we were, frozen, looking directly into each other’s eyes. A moment passed before I was able to move forward. And as I did, I realized the strength that ran through its body; standing still its body still flowed like a river. Suddenly, we were face to face. Time seemed to have stopped. The stars seemed brighter and the Earth smaller. How did I come so far? It felt as though I fell deeper into its stare… I knew who he was. I could feel his breathe on my face. I was comforted by him. I felt whole. Then he was gone, disappeared without a trace. I was left there in the middle of the street stopping traffic with everyone staring at me… “What is happening?” I thought. I quickly stumbled over to the sidewalk and life began to move around me as if nothing happened. “I am losing my mind.” I knew it.

I began to walk back toward the building bewildered as to what I just experienced, glancing back into the street multiple times, testing my sanity.

As I finally looked forward to pull open the tinted glass doors, I saw him.

There in the glass… he was me, and I was him.

The Dragon staring back at me.

by /u/dertymex 

From: Reddit


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