The Horse, The Bear and the Bitch

Once upon a time in Kashmir, long before the colonisation of it by the human race. It was the pure mystical land untouched by the meagre and lowly races of Earth and only shaped by Gods and worthy animals. In the ruins of Shangri La in Kashmir, many of these worthy animals sought refuge every year in its caves from the biting ice cold winds that floated down through the Himalayas shaped by its jagged edges to turn into effective weapons not seen since the fiery Genesis which shaped animals and gods alike from the soul of Mother Earth. In one of these caves, lay a beautiful Bitch, she was desired for her ample bosom and her eccentric nature (Her personality is what named the female dog a ‘bitch’). She was a true she-wolf and of course this drew other animals who wished to mate with her as they had done with her ancestors such as her famous mother,’ Whore’, and thus enters the bear and the horse. The bear, Adam, was known for its low self esteem yet renowned and respected for its immense size,( though fat it mostly was), and he wanted the Bitch to prove his honour in gaining the hardest dog in Kashmir. The Horse however was a pitiful creature destined for the dregs of horse-society with its long face and no visible and impressive jaw as was the mark on Gods graced animals suggesting his possible connection to the lowly races of Earth. His name was Omar the Shorse, he was respected among his fellow dregs of horse-society yet mocked by those with any importance. He too desired the Bitch, but for he at first desired her juicy bosom but at the end he learned to love her from afar as others more superior to him such as the Eagle, Abubakkar and the Yeti, Haroon took precedence over him. He soon crossed paths with the Bear, Adam in his pursuit of the Bitch, Aisha causing him to call a duel.

The duel took place at the wispy trail of sunset as the night took its place as the guardian of the snowy hills of Kashmir. It was on the cliff edge of a mountain overlooking the world, to the east was the fertile valleys of China, to the west is the desert hills of Central Asia, to the north is the cracked land of Siberia and to the south the flatlands of India could be sighted. This all enclosed the the three animals in their dual. For darkness came and so the light must be shut out and so in this fight, the love that was bestowed upon these heavenly beings was forgotten for the greed of the lowly races. The fight began and was done in the moment, the horse, Omar was so foolish to charge into Adam, he was flattened against the Bear’s behemoth size and the Bear simply broke his weak hooves and threw him into the lands of the humans and he was never saw again. Aisha the Bitch’s heart was unfazed by the exiling of Omar and the winning of Adam, for she would never choose either of them for they were basic animals fuelled by emotions such as greed, love and honour. She had no time for the idealistic boys and so retired to her cave to live out her life with her Rat, Priyanka and waited patiently for her Dragon who breathed fire and blood and not for the Bear and the Horse who snort love and gold. And so one day the Dragon came as they always do and she turned into a human on sight of him and the Dragon turned into the finest male specimen ever seen even in heaven, It began to rain for God was crying at the perfection of this man and so he destroyed all the abominations he had created on Earth and named the bitch and the Dragon, Aisha and Callum and let them have the Earth to fulfil their needs with his only request to follow his commandments when shown and to multiply a deal occupy the Earth. And so Aisha and Callum went to Earth and began a more perfect race of humans, one that was moral, true and one that showed their eccentricity and fire for a reminder of their time in Gods house. Aisha lay with Callum on their first night in the new Earth, amongst newly made fields of grass, Callum threw Aisha onto the grass and proceeded to make love to her. He was gentle yet hard, pressing his cock into her, going deeper and deeper as his passion rose. Aisha was feeling the best she had been, she had been a virgin for so long and now she was laying with a true man, she began to scream with joy as pure ecstasy overcame her as he began pounding her with a rhythm that excited her to the deepest sexual arousement, she’d ever felt. Callum was beginning to feel the strain of his cock as he couldn’t hold his seed in a any longer, he began to pound ferociously and so Aisha began to scream louder. Aisha then began to shake uncontrollably as she began to orgasm. Callum was taken aback by the sudden flourishing of Aisha’s organs as she began to squirt all around his cock, he just had to let go ad so him and Aisha climaxed together, howling into the night with their sexual releases. Callum then collapsed back into Aisha and her huge tits and bounced up slightly due to the huge size of them, but locked in embrace with her and kissed her with a passion as his seed travelled in her to create the first new human of this Earth and with this God was satisfied, He could leave his children in peace now for he had perfected them.

by /u/John-Galt_Sitnalta

From: Reddit


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