The Pill

The Pill rests in my hand.

The sweet sweet release from this world rests in my palm

One swallow, and my pain will be freed, never again.

On the palm of my hand, happiness rests.

Should I take it, or should I suffer.


I slowly take the water ready.


Slowly and Shaking, I put the pill inside my mouth.

I drink the water, and when the water is in my mouth, I swallow it.

The pill does not go through well, and is stuck in my throat for a second which leaves a sting-like pain in my throat,

But it does not matter.

As in a couple of minutes, I won’t feel anything… Ever again.


Mere seconds after I swallow it, I remember my family, their happy smiles, my girlfriend, Jessy, the way she laughs, the way she talks, the way she… is.

It can’t be, right?

I’ve longed for this moment for a long time… it can’t be…


I don’t want to die.

But I have no choice. I already swallowed.

Maybe there’s time.

I try to reach for my phone, but it’s too far, the pill is kicking in,

As I’m rushing to get my phone, I collapse on the floor.

My legs… They won’t listen.

Right when I started to collapse, I was able to reach the kitchen counter just enough to make my phone fall on the ground, screen first.

As it hits the ground, a cracking noise can be heard.

I extend my arm as far as I can. I’m able to touch the phone right by the edge, but just enough to be able to move it.

I slowly move the phone closer to me, and take it by the screen side.

Suddenly, a syringe-like pain shocks my hand.

When I turn my hand so the palm is facing me, I see that a piece of the glass is stuck right inside my middle finger.

The screen shattered, and a little piece of it is right in my hand.

I slowly and painstakingly take it out, and proceed to take my phone again, but more careful this time.

I wrap my hand around the backside of my phone and bring it right over my collapsed legs.

When i reach out my hand to unlock the phone, my hand starts to shake profusely, and after a couple of seconds of shaking, it collapses on the ground without me able to move it.

My hand which held my phone follows the same, sad fate.

And now I’m sitting here, my arms and legs collapsed, and lifeless.

And in my last few moments, I feel happy and relaxed, the most wonderful feelings I didn’t feel in years.

I wish this moment will last forever, all the pain in my mind and body gone, and I feel like I’m flying on the top of the world, in the clouds, like there’s no limit.


I’m getting sleepy.

by /u/TheMiotas 

From: Reddit


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