The Sunsets on Mars Are Blue

The sky is empty, but it won’t be for long. How did we end up here after all the work put it? How could it all just end up this way? I’m looking over at him, despite the fear that we both should have going through our minds, and despite the fact that most people would go insane in this situation just because their minds can’t comprehend what they know is about to happen, we both sit here staring up at the stars in silence. He looks down at a picture on his lap, a girl who’s eyes hold so much purity, and a tear falls onto it. I want to say something, I want to get up and try again, there must be another way, it can’t end like this, but something keeps me there looking up at the sky as it begins to change.

I think about my childhood, all the stupid things I did, I see my mother crying, I see my sisters running through the grass, I see my father disappointed in his own son, I see death, and I see life. I thought it would all add up to something.

But nothing matters now. I know we don’t have much time left.

He takes one look back up at the sky and there’s no light left in eyes, I’ll never forget his eyes, I don’t think anyone has ever seen someone lose so much hope so fast.

But he smiles, despite the sadness, and I smile too. Life is precious. He looks at me for the last time, and I know this is our final goodbye.

Finally we both look up to the sky, and he says: “Sunsets on mars are blue” Then everything goes dark.

by /u/drawingsix

From: Reddit

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