The Yellow Flower

‘Three times a day. It really has to happen three times a day. ” said the woman with the face clearly kissed by age. She leaned on her walker and pointed to a yellow flower.

“Water it three times a day. I have noted it, “I reply.


“Excuse me?”

“You say you noted it but I didn’t see you write it down.”

“It was more of a mental note.”

“I would like to see you write it down on paper.”

I suppress a sigh and remove my cell phone from my pocket to take a note.

“That’s not paper,” the woman says in a shrill tone.

“It’s a mobile phone,” I answer.

“That’s technology.”

‘It is indeed.’

“Technology fails.”

“I don’t have any paper.”

‘Who doesn’t have any paper now? Those youths.”The woman straightens up and walks towards a dark wooden cupboard. She opens the top slider and pulls out a sheet of paper. She hands it to me and then starts staring at me. After a short while I break the silence: “I don’t have a pen either.”

The woman rolls her eyes and walks back to the cupboard. She opens the same slider as before and takes out a blue pen. I take the pen and draw a flower with a watering can next to it. I also add a 3. The woman looks at me sullenly.

“If my flowers are dead when I’m back from vacation, you are gonna regret it.”

“It will be all right ma’am.”

“I am sending my grandson after you, he has a large tattoo and he is very strong.”

“I don’t want to meet him then. I will certainly water the flowers. ”

I walk to the woman and kiss her on the cheek. She is shocked but does not withdraw. Dazed, she looks at me while I walk out of the room. As I walk down the corridor I greet the nurse. When I look in the car mirror I see my big tattoo and muscular arms.

by /u/NielsDBR 

From: Reddit


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