The Closed Doors

“We’ve been doing this for 5 months now. Over 20 sessions, you have not once opened up. You dodge my pointed questions and leave your answers indeterminately vague-”

“I have trouble trusting people.”

“It’s a matter of trust?”

“A matter of intimacy.”

“You keep coming back, Mr Brooks. Do you find comfort in paying money to waste your time?”

“Of course not.”

“Then tell me what bothers you.”

“Okay fine. I’m locked out from society. From other people.”


“How would you describe the underlying essence of human interaction? Is it an exchange of understanding… or something more. Is it something on the surface or is there some obscure abstraction of empirical truth that humans are capable of tapping into, and bringing forth into our reality to exchange with one another?

No, that’s just philosophical garbage. It’s completely meaningless. I’ll tell you. It’s deception. Every day, everything we say and do is self serving an ultimately deceptive, and we sometimes do it to ourselves.

Look… Have you ever walked by another employee in a hallway in your office on the way back from the bathroom or whatever, and you give a short nod and that half smile that you know you hate doing, but you feel like it would be rude not to, sometimes adding “How are ya?” while knowing knowing the response you might get is some bullshit like “Great, have a good one!” It’s an entirely superficial interaction and is based on no truth whatsoever.

You are not happy to see that person. You don’t care for them. You might not even recognize them. He or she probably started yesterday and you have no interest in talking to them. You don’t know a single thing about this person. They’ve had a life full of experiences that has completely and fundamentally shaped who they are. But you know none of it.

We’re a world of people who use the same sounds and vocalizations to describe things we see, and abstractions beyond are completely subjective. No one understands one another. How are we to carry on.

Appealing to one’s experiences and emotions is how. Convincing, selling, arguing, manipulating, lying, following along… deception. As long as we can somewhat adhere to the social contract however perceived, we’ll do fine.

So there is a door…. the door is the entry way into this understanding. If you manage to find it, all of the power is yours. But, once you cross its threshold, all other doors are locked forever.”

“Funny. I know exactly how you feel.”

by /u/ordinaryoreo

From: Reddit


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