The End

Nothing seemed important – mostly because nothing was. All needs were provided for; food and water were dispensed on demand, clothes fabricated and distributed automatically, everything necessary for sustaining life was available and effortless.

That was the grand idea the Predecessors. Every last molecule of matter had been gathered into one place around which a massive construct was built capable of housing and providing for hundreds of trillions of humans. Entirely autonomous, the Central System perfectly regulated the environment within.

Over the millennia, as available power grew weaker and weaker; the outer rings of the Construct were closed down, their inhabitants moved in closer and closer to the middle. The Central System, originally the vessel for the entirety of human knowledge and representing the very epitome of mankind’s innovation and mastery of the universe, had reduced itself to a mere food dispenser to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

Nothing was created because there was nothing to build with; every action brought the universe one step closer to oblivion. Reproduction was limited further and further and humanity shrunk back to populations lower than even before they left Earth.

Those left with enough intelligence or will to consider their plight or even to try to prevent it found the effort futile, for the very effort of doing anything to try to stop it brought it that much nearer.

Second by second, the universe crept closer to death and within the last flicker of light left, humanity awaited their fate.

by /u/Ameobea

From: Reddit


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