They Ain’t So Bad

They arrived just over five years ago. The aliens showed up like a meteor out of the blue, coursing through the wrinkles in space, from a star so remote, we didn’t even have the telescopes to see it. It wasn’t just a couple of ‘em, neither. A ship the span of Texas, and a thousand decks deep. They say the crew’s somewhere around 30 billion souls.

They hadn’t been expecting anyone, and hadn’t been expecting to stay. See, it turns out that moving a ship that big, that far, takes a lot of energy. About a star’s worth. They’d used up theirs getting here, leaving a few thousand of their kind — the “Berkoa” as they call themselves — to tend the remnants of their former world. Y’see, there’s a dark spot in space, we call it the Boötes Void, where there’s almost nothing. More nothing than the normally vast emptiness of space that we already have trouble comprehending. They figure that something out there was eating stars, and had been since the beginning of time. They liked their star, and hated the idea of someone else eating it, so they gobbled it up first, before anyone else could try. In retrospect, some of their philosophers admit that that might not have been a totally rational conclusion, but nevermind that, we’re all here now.

So, they had no interest in becoming the monster they ran from, so to speak, so they stopped up short when they heard radio transmissions coming from Earth. Our sun had been randomly picked from a list of trillions of equally suitable stars in the area. They couldn’t believe it. Nobody can. Heck, most people believe that it must have been some cosmic joke, or fate, or Vishnu, or God, that brought them here. Or maybe stars that are nice spaceship fuel are also usually inhabited. Who knows. They figured they was alone in the universe.

It’s been good for us. We’d just come out of the worst heat wave in history. Turns out, despite us doin’ our best, global warming has a bit of a runaway effect, and takes a while to settle back down. They helped us sort out logistics, making sure our old folks don’t die and such, putting water where it needs to go, holding guns to people’s heads when they get a little big for their britches, and so on. Plenty of people don’t like it, but I think it’s nice seeing all the high and mighty folks get put in their place. They’ve got their best minds working on whether or not Jupiter might be big enough to smash into Saturn and make a nice quick bang for them to get outta dodge, and been showing us how to get around our own star a little easier. I just hope it all works out. Really, they coulda squashed us like bugs, but they didn’t, and I like ’em for it. We’ll see. Nobody knows what’s next, but I’m excited.

by /u/Xheotris

From: Reddit


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