Tip Jar

When washing laundry, make sure to separate the whites and wash those separately, don’t forget to wash new jeans on their own or else the dye will get everywhere; try to exercise four times a week, see if you can find some sports to join; study 3 hours for every 1 hour of class time; call me or dad every night; don’t waste too much time playing videogames; eat three meals a day (it’s easy to forget!); use flash cards when studying for biology, use practice problems when studying chemistry, you’re on your own for organic (just kidding! call if you have any troubles, I loved organic); leave your door open to meet your neighbors; you ARE good enough, don’t forget that!; if you have a problem with your roommate, be open about it; DON’T SMOKE POT! marijuana kills brain cells!; try to get eight hours of sleep a night; be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not

Tears had welled up in the corners of his eyes as Jacob brushed the pile of tiny paper slips to the far side of desk, leaving one last piece of advice lying face-down, alone in the cold glass. His mother couldn’t contain herself when she had presented him her “tip jar” at his graduation party, which had got a loving groan out of Jacob.

She had instructed him to open the jar once he had settled into his dorm room that fall; he had haphazardly tossed it into a desk drawer with spare folders and outdated banking information upon move-in. Now, three months into the fall semester, the contents of the jar sat in a messy pile next to his cell phone, set to silence to block out the bombardment of text message prayers. Jacob brushed his tears aside and flipped the last note over, only to collapse into his desk in a fit of sobs.

No matter what happens to me, remember that I will always be so, so proud you.

Love, Mom.

by /u/yung-modulus

From: Reddit


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