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Five seconds. Gear check. Weapon loaded. Ready.


The smell of burnt iron filled the air as Juno walked through the smoke, a red light in the corner told him that they received the message loud and clear. It wasn’t before long that the blaring of alarms flooded the corridor, his feet was already moving.



Hostiles on the other side of the wall, six of them, moving from right to left from the sound of it. Calculating possible choices…

Total calculation time 0.98 seconds…


Choice made, total elapsed time 3 seconds.

Explosives planted, hostiles approaching in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1..


Calculation error, 0.25 second early for perf-

“Not now” Juno mumbled as he loaded another grenade. Tap Tap. Only two left judging from the sound, roughly 10 meters away, it wont be loaded in time on a straight shot, not to mention they’re probably getting closer now that his position is revealed.


“Two-one we found the target” Knocked down, concussed, and generally in bad shape, Sam spoke into the radio. No response. “Two-one do you copy” He repeated. Still no response.

“Why can’t we just flush em out, it’s just one of em, two of us.” Reese asked shakily, hands already on a grenade. Sam placed his hand on Reese’s “If you do, the Administrator will- “ “They killed Weiss, Ophelia, and two of the new recruits. Do you think I care about what the lady in the chair wants?” The radio crackled to life. “Reese, this is the Administrator speaking. Pull the pin and walk to the target with minimal noise, thank you very much.”

Wide eyed at the command Sam plucked the radio from Reese’s chest “Ma’am with all due respect, what you are requesting is suicide, and- “ the radio crackled to life again “The target escaped, regroup with the others. And Sam, I admire your will and ability to function under pressure but try to grow a brain for once.”


Not the most optimal route, but this is the one with the least hostiles, Juno thought to himself while he clung to the ceiling, the two survivors from the previous encounter passing by under him. He thought about his options after this job as he closed the gap between him and his goal. He passed by someone on the surveillance team earlier, needless to say, this event never officially happened, which opens up more choices for him, but now was not the time for that. Just another 10 meters and a set of explosives, then this will be over.

Five meters…

Four meters…

Three meters…

Two meters…


Something cracked his skull and he fell, he didn’t hear anyone coming, must be someone with stealth suits. He didn’t move as something hard cracked his skull again, liquid as red as the colour of the alarm began to pool beside him. He heard the sound of a radio again, a lot fainter this time, come to think of it, everything seems more distanced, audio sensors must’ve malfunctioned by the beating. He couldn’t make out what was being said, but he just needed a few more moments to pull out his trump card, just another 15 seconds and –


He didn’t need to hear that to feel the cold controlled air washing over him. He never expected the Administrator to show up now, the sly woman. The footsteps she made are light, but there something she’s carrying that just can’t be missed.


A shotgun, guess the admin plans to finish it herself. 7.5 Seconds.


Too slow. Juno pushed himself towards the admin, but the damage was already done, half his head was gone, wiring exposed but he wasn’t finished. He stood up to face his enemy.

The Administrator grinned and Juno grinned back, the end of the shotgun’s barrel was placed directly on what’s left of Junos face. Juno placed his hand on the Administrator’s shoulder, fingers in position of a snap as a faint beep slowly sped up.

A forest fire started in North California around 7 p.m. that day.

by /u/Noodle_Fox

From: Reddit


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