When It Rains

It was a Thursday. In truth it was the last Thursday of the spring semester. The weather was humid, but clouds started to appear in the light blue sky. They brought the promise of rain. Rain that would end the torture of heat.

Bianca and her friends wanted a last ‘squad’ gathering before the long night of the exam-period. Personally, Bianca would have welcomed some rain because she hated hot weather. The heat always made her feel an inner tension, suspense, rising and rising until the celestial wetness finally ended her suffering. Right now, she was staring hopefully at the afternoon sky with its growing clouds, while her friends were around her, in the pub’s terrace.

Frank and Kennett were engaged in a heated discussion about some old movie’s possible interpretations. Gabriel was drinking a bottle of cider. He was seated between Cate and Patrick. The three of them were discussing the chances of passing Professor Endh’s exam. Only one person was missing.

Bianca, again, felt the tension rising inside her. The coming exams stressed her out, she missed her boyfriend, Carl and the heat made the whole thing even worse. ‘This weather is killing me.’ – she thought – ‘Please let it rain!’ She was deep in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

It was Viva. Viva’s face was lighted with a wide smile. She didn’t seem particularly worried about the exam-period, but this was nothing new. Viva’s most noticeable characteristics were her long black hair – darker than the darkest night in Gotham – and the fact that she could only be seen on classes with attendance sheet. ‘What’s up girl?’ – Viva asked – ‘You seem worried.’

‘Do I?’ – said Bianca.

‘Yes, you do! But fortunately, I have the solution, for all your problems!’ – said Viva as she was sitting down next to Bianca, onto the bench. She put a glass of beer in front of the other girl. – ‘Here! Try this!’

Bianca took it and drank a sip. It wasn’t half bad and most importantly, it was cold, and it was wet. ‘Thanks! You’re a lifesaver.’ -said Bianca with a smile. Her attention was suddenly ripped away from the inner suspense. She noticed that Viva was wearing a white blouse with a flower pattern and with a deep cleavage. They started to talk about the coming exams and as the evening and the night came, they remained alone in the pub. One by one the others went home.

Bianca always enjoyed talking with Viva. This evening Viva’s closeness felt excitingly different. Viva somehow directed Bianca’s attention from the air’s disgusting humidity to cooler thoughts. After a while she noticed that Viva left a hand on her thigh as if she just forgot it there. Like the hand just wandered there on its own. She didn’t know how long the hand was there but strangely it didn’t bother her. Viva’s hand seemed to ease her inner suspense caused by the heat. It felt like the first touch of cold water in a hot summer day.

‘How do you like my blouse?’ asked Viva.

‘Is it new? It’s really nice!’ answered Bianca.

Viva’s face turned into a bright smile. ‘Since the others are gone, can I show you something? It’s a secret, though!’

‘I guess…’ -said Bianca with a tone of suspicion in her voice.

Viva didn’t say a word, she grabbed Bianca’s hand and led her out of the pub. Bianca couldn’t think. She felt excited and numb. She let herself being led by the chill of Viva’s aura. Her touch cooled Bianca’s head but made her heart pound faster. Viva’s black hair was lifted by the hot wind of the night. She led her through the street and up, into Viva’s flat. Eventually Bianca found herself in Viva’s bedroom.

They were facing each other, only a couple of steps away. Viva slipped out of the flowery blouse quickly like a cat. ‘Tell me, girl!’ she said as she walked up to her until their noses were almost touching. ‘Do you like the blouse better this way?’

Outside, it started to rain, and the heat started to fade away. Bianca finally felt the wetness, but she didn’t care about the rain.

by /u/fochmarshall

From: Reddit


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