Who Wants To Be Normal?

Today the doctor said that everything is just fine. That I’m COMPLETELY normal.
What? How can that be? I mean, he’s a DOCTOR, right? Of all the people in the world, surely HE’D notice!
Yet, he didn’t even wink when he said it.
No goofy little smiles or raised eyebrows like he knows a secret.
So…I wonder…
What went wrong?
I think I know!
I wasn’t wearing the cape!
Of course! You have to have the cape on! I bet Clark Kent is just plain ol’ Clark Kent when he’s doing that reporter thing. But when he puts on the cape…
That’s gotta be it!
Next year, when I turn 7, and Mom takes me in for that fistical or whatever it is I do at the doctor’s office, I’m wearing my cape! THEN he’ll see!
I bet he even makes one of those faces like my dad does when he watches those politic people on television. You know, the wrinkled up nose. Eyes about to pop out. All those lines up on his forehead.
Yup, that doctor will know alright.
It’s the cape.
Next year I’m gonna wear the cape.

by Jim Bartlett

From: Friday Flash Fiction

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